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Creating a mentally healthy workplace

  Creating a mentally healthy workplace is about building on the positive aspects of your working environment and taking steps to reduce any risk factors. The risk factors within the automotive sector may include, workload stress, poor physical work environments, unreasonable behaviours, lack of role clarity and recognition to name a few. Every organisation is

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2021 New Year’s Resolution

Make a mentally healthy workplace your 2021 New Year’s Resolution! With Victorian Automotive businesses now back at work, it’s an ideal time for employers to set goals for a supportive and happier, healthier workplace. And while Victorian businesses are at “vastly different levels” of readiness and action in relation to workplace mental health, leaders should

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Seasonal Stress. It doesn’t have to Stress Out Your Team.

Seasonal Stress.  It doesn’t have to Stress Out Your Team. The festive period can be a hugely enjoyable and rewarding time of the year. However, for some, it can also be associated with increased stress, personal or professional difficulty and challenges that can threaten the well-being and “health” of that individual. The World Health Organisation

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