Creating a mentally healthy workplace


Creating a mentally healthy workplace is about building on the positive aspects of your working
environment and taking steps to reduce any risk factors. The risk factors within the automotive sector may include, workload stress, poor physical work environments, unreasonable behaviours, lack of role clarity and recognition to name a few.

Every organisation is different, but a mentally healthy and safe workplace:

  • encourages everyone to speak openly about mental health
  • identifies and reduces, where practicable, risks to employee mental health
    supports all employees, including those with mental health conditions
  • views diversity as an organisational advantage
  • has low staff turnover and sick/stress leave
  • enjoys high staff loyalty
  • encourages career and personal development
  • has employees that are productive members of a team.

Everybody has a role to play

A positive working environment is everyone’s responsibility. How people within a business support this culture depends on their role. Regardless of their job title, all employees have a responsibility to look after their own mental health.

Business owners and organisational leaders can play a key role in creating and maintaining a mentally healthy workplace by:

demonstrating a visible, active commitment to mental health in the workplace

speaking openly about mental health in the workplace

  • making mental health an objective of the business
  • integrating good health and safety management into all business decisions, policies and procedures
  • rewarding managers for maintaining a mentally healthy workplace
  • developing their own leadership and people management skills
  • allocating necessary resources for change, and establishing performance measures
  • communicating a zero-tolerance approach to bullying and discrimination
  • providing flexible working conditions that promote employee mental health
  • identifying and supporting internal ‘champions’ with the skills and influence to lead workplace mental health. Source: Heads Up

The Fine Tuning Automotive Mental Health program assists employers in the automotive sector.
Employers will be assisted by program facilitators to assess workplace practices and to implement a mental health action plan tailored to their identified needs.

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