Mature Age Workers…

So, let’s talk about mature aged workers. In workplaces everywhere, older workers are increasingly evident.

In tightening labour markets, retaining their skills, experience and capabilities is increasingly important to business and to a competitive economy.

Quite simply, an ageing population means that Australian businesses will increasingly rely on retaining, attracting and engaging older workers if they are to remain competitive.

Taking affirmative action to keep older workers engaged, happy and productive, will not only benefit your business (and your younger workers) but will also be important to the future wellbeing of the automotive sector and the Australian economy.
For any business looking to retain or recruit staff, creating flexible work options and redesigning roles for mature workers simply makes sense.

Consultation is key. Consider more flexible work options – some may wish to keep working but are also keen after a lifetime of work for some quality “work/life” balance. Older workers would like access to training and development as being older does not mean a person does not want to keep learning, to keep developing their skills and knowledge.

The workplace might also think about mobility and physical access such as layout considerations in the workshop.

Talk about it, and you’ll get the picture. Lastly, remember that most older workers have a lifetime of knowledge, skills and experience behind them. There is a wealth of capability, judgement and plain good sense in experienced older workers that can benefit any business. Value this experience, listen to them and recognise their contributions.

For the automotive sector it is perhaps more important than it has ever been to recognise this wealth.

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