Physical Work Environment

Clean and safe physical work environment promotes a mentally healthy workplace

While most of us can accept the occasional discomfort, we all work better and are happier about the job when working in a conducive and comfortable work environment.

Poor light, cramped conditions, poor air-quality, excessive noise or dust; all of these things can impact on comfort and work performance. Of course, a poorly managed or poorly maintained workplace not only makes a job harder and more stressful but can be damaging to mental wellbeing as well as to physical health.

It can also breach the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations

Similarly, working with poorly maintained or inadequate tools and equipment, or working in unsafe conditions or extreme temperatures, is also in breach of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

A poorly-managed physical environment makes going to work unpleasant and unhealthy, inevitably poses a safety hazard risk, and is terrible for morale, employee retention and productivity.

Mechanic Working

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Safe Work Australia provides a Code of Practice – Managing the Work Environment and Facilities (2018) – with a Work Environment and Facilities Checklist.

“Performing physically demanding or environmentally hazardous work has a cumulative negative effect on worker health. Those working in jobs with the worst conditions experience declines in their health.”SOURCE: Fletcher, Sindelar, Yamaguchi; Cumulative Effects of Job Characteristics on Health (National Bureau of Economic Research)

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