Role Clarity

We all need to know and understand the expectations that attach to our roles and feel supported by both colleagues and management in doing them.

Lack of support, unrealistic expectations, unrealistic deadlines, poor communication and lack of clarity or information as to the nature and expectations of the work we do, may indicate poor organisational control, inadequate training of supervisors and managers and ultimately create a poor workplace culture.

In particular, reporting relationships must be clear to avoid conflicted instructions – ” Who do I listen to in this role?” – and conflicted expectations.

Provide role clarity for employees by:

  • Ensuring all employees have clear position descriptions that accurately reflect the roles they perform.
  • Ensuring that there is an agreed understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and accountabilities attached to a role
  • Ensuring that a supportive performance feedback and reporting systems are in place.
  • Ensuring that the right information, equipment and resources are provided.
  • Ensuring that management, supervisors and team leaders have a clear understanding of roles they oversee and that reporting relationships are clear.
  • Providing professional development to ensure that a person’s skills capabilities and experience are matched to the role they perform.

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