Seasonal Stress. It doesn’t have to Stress Out Your Team.

Seasonal Stress.  It doesn’t have to Stress Out Your Team.

The festive period can be a hugely enjoyable and rewarding time of the year. However, for some, it can also be associated with increased stress, personal or professional difficulty and challenges that can threaten the well-being and “health” of that individual. The World Health Organisation defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Employee mental health and well-being are year-round considerations. However as business owners/ managers you will be aware that the festive period sees a peak in stress levels across the work environment.  Increased absenteeism, the pressure of balancing festive or family duties with work and colleagues, taking annual leave increases pressure on business and individuals; there are looming end of year targets, strategy plans to draw up for next year and everyone is being asked to do more in a shorter space of time.

It’s no wonder, we may feel stressed during this period. As a business owner / manager we need to take preventative measures and develop a workplace culture that’s aim is to decrease the likelihood of unnecessary stress during this period. Just by spending the time and asking employees the question, “is everything ok?” and ensuring they know it’s OK to talk. If the answer is no, then there needs to be systems in place and the right support available. Does your workplace have Employee Mental Health Resources available? Do you have an Action Plan around mental health?
(The Little Blue Book of Workplace Mental Health p138 lists support services or follow this link to our website:

By addressing key risk factors and communicating openly about mental health and well-being in the workplace, we can create a workplace culture that is supportive and productive for all involved. The Fine Tuning Automotive Mental Health Program will assist you to identify key factors in your workplace and develop an action plan for the wellbeing of your business and employees. By being proactive you can ensure that when your staff are in work, they’re mentally in work – and when they’re off, they’re able to relax and recuperate, and enjoy the holiday season fully. But most of all they will look forward to coming back to a workplace that supports and encourages their employees; a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

2020 has been a really difficult year. One thing that can hold us together and help us get through is kindness. Kind actions lift our spirits, enhance relationships and benefit those around us. Kindness is a gift in both directions – let’s share as much of it as we can.
(Source: Action For Happiness).


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