Walking the Talk

The task, as managers, is to be ‘with’ your people and for your people to be ‘with’
you. If the workplace is to be a collective of shared vision, then all are participants.

This means walking the talk. Managers and team leaders model a culture founded on positive behaviours and dealings, fairly recognise effort and contribution, foster good relationships, be culturally respectful. Top to bottom, no exceptions.
It has been mentioned before, the key to maintaining energy, engagement and productivity – the shared vision for success
– lies in attending to the human values.

And you? How are you travelling?

It has been a tough two years, perhaps the toughest for business in decades.
So, while reflecting on your workplace and its mental health practices, spend a little time thinking about
yourself – your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of loved ones at home.

If the pressures of business are travelling home with you, it’s neither good for you,
nor for those at home. So, take stock.

None of us is immune to overwork, excessive hours, or chronic tension.
Reach out for help if you are carrying the weight of the business on your shoulders.

Talk to your GP or to a counsellor, if there have been days you’ve felt overwhelmed or unable to sleep.
Your business also needs you to stay healthy.
For more information go to finetune.vacc.com.au or call 03 9829 1130.

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