Workplaces: People places

Workplaces: people places

Workplaces are people places, and people are angular. They don’t neatly mesh like cogs and gears, some days they can be all elbows and knees.

If we want the workplace to mesh (and we do!), the task is to get all those ‘elbows and knees’ working together, sharing the vision, committed and engaged.

Those of us who may have experienced both good and poor workplace cultures on our journeys in business, will know that the key to creating and maintaining energy and commitment, and driving engagement and productivity – the shared vision for success – lies in getting “the human factor” right. Which hangs on “relationships” and “culture”.

It is simply fact: a workplace with a poor workplace culture is an uncomfortable place to work (and the best people quickly begin looking for the door).

So, how is this achieved? Well, yes, it has to do with good systems and efficiencies, but at its core is the quality of relationships, the participation of all, and that sense of “belonging”, of feeling valued, of being respected, consulted and engaged.

That means setting standards – talking about relationships, about respect for each other, respect for effort, respect for difference and respectful conversation and interactions.

Getting this right, the workplace culture, is the glue to the team and the foundation for a productive, agile, mentally healthy workplace.

Everyone has a role to play to ensure a safe and respectful working environment.

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