The VACC Fine Tuning Automotive Mental Health Program

The Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce developed the Fine Tuning Automotive Mental Health Program and was funded by WorkSafe’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund between 2020 and 2022. Its aim is to provide, information, resources and practical measures in the Automotive Industry to identify and prevent mental health issues in the workplace.

Mental health affects everyone, and the workplace plays a significant role in our day to day lives which is why it is so important. A mentally healthy workplace protects and promotes mental health through its culture, management practices and policies, and through the values it projects.

Through the program, VACC is assisting employers in the automotive sector to better understand and identify work related risk factors associated with mental health in the work environment. Activities within this program focus on several of these risk factors, with information on how they impact on the workplace and guidance on how they can be managed. Employers will be enabled to assess workplace practices and to implement a mental health action plan tailored to their identified needs.

Actioning the plan will both raise awareness and result in small incremental changes to create a more mentally healthy workplace.

This program will provide you with access to resources including information posters, videos and your own Mental Health Action Plan Booklet for you to keep a record of changes that you may wish to implement.

You will have access to a dedicated page in the WorkWell Toolkit which provides resources and ideas to help build a positive and mentally healthy workplace.

To take part in this program, click START NOW or if you would like to know more information before going any further, please contact via the link below.

Your Involvement

Will not be onerous; it won’t add even minutes to your day.

But it will add a discussion item to your staff meetings

And it may prompt you to do some things differently

It will help team leaders run more effective, more committed teams

The Benefits

In working to achieve a mentally healthy workplace:

It will save you money on compensation claims and losses

Reduce absenteeism and staff turnover

Improve work flows and management practices

Improve morale and productivity

It will make your place a great place to work. It may also save a life.

Fine Tuning Automotive Mental Health