2021 New Year’s Resolution

Make a mentally healthy workplace your 2021 New Year’s Resolution!

With Victorian Automotive businesses now back at work, it’s an ideal time for employers to set goals for a supportive and happier, healthier workplace.

And while Victorian businesses are at “vastly different levels” of readiness and action in relation to workplace mental health, leaders should not to be overwhelmed by the task.

The social, moral and economic case for investing in the good mental health and wellbeing couldn’t be clearer.

We can’t ignore the fact that one in five workers will take time off this year because they don’t feel mentally well enough to go to work.

We know that mentally healthy workplaces produce a positive return on investment – including reduced absenteeism, boosted productivity, better staff retention and recruitment and fewer injury claims.

It’s a win-win for employers and employees. For employers, the New Year is an opportunity to think beyond goals, targets and KPIs and appreciate the value and contribution of their staff. Start the conversation – your workers will have some great ideas!

For employees, be prepared to contribute to improved mental health and wellbeing by sharing your ideas or by doing something as simple as asking a fellow worker how they’re going or why they seem to be a bit flat. Many businesses simply don’t know where to begin.

A good place to start is by joining the Fine Tuning Automotive Mental Health program.

Our program assists employers in the automotive sector to better understand and identify work related risk factors associated with mental health in the work environment. Activities within this program focus on several of these risk factors, with information on how they impact on the workplace and guidance on how they can be managed. Employers will be assisted by program facilitators to assess workplace practices and to implement a mental health action plan tailored to their identified needs.

Click the link  https://finetune.vacc.com.au/ and click START NOW.

Make 2021 the year your business created a more mentally healthy workplace.

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