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A good ‘training culture’ drives job satisfaction and enjoyment, as well as loyalty and productivity.

All employees new to a role need to be given clear information, instruction, and supervision to enable them to perform their work safely and capably. And if their role changes, or new processes arise, they need to be given training to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to carry out their duties.

Have you got processes in place to ensure that this happens? We all want to do our jobs well, and none of us wants to go home each evening worried about our work.

Younger inexperienced workers can be in danger of both physical and psychological harm if given duties they feel ill-equipped to perform, if inadequately trained or supported, or poorly supervised.

Let’s face it, we all feel better about ourselves and about our work when we feel we’re up to the task and valued for the things we do.

Insufficient training, and support can lead to increased staff turnover, increased absenteeism and low staff morale. Take some time to review your current business practices to identify if there are opportunities to do things differently.

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